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Samsung ER5240M

With the features and capacity of a high-cost sophisticated ECR, the affordable Samsung ER-5240 provides the gateway to system features with standard RS-232C communications. The Samsung ER-5240 features a larger raised key keyboard expandable from 15 to 40 NLU keys. NLUs access PLU memory and function as traditional department

The remarkable new Samsung ER-5200 series electronic cash registers feature separate integral receipt and journal thermal printers that print wide 2-1/4" (58mm) receipts at an amazing 13.3 lines per second. Print and store logo, or place any custom black/white graphic image at the top and/or bottom of the receipt.


bulletTwo Line Adjustable LCD Display
bulletReliable High-Speed Thermal Receipt and Journal Printers
bulletDrop-and-Print Paper Loading
bulletWide 2-1/4" (58mm) Paper
bulletLower Total Cost of Ownership vs. Impact Printers
bulletPrints User Defined Graphic Logos, Coupons or Advertising Messages
bulletReceipt Printer Generates Receipt, Soft Check, and/or Requisition

Click here to view the ER-5240M Brochure in Acrobat Reader (79 kb). Right click on the link to save the brochure onto your hard drive.



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