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Aloha.gif (2682 bytes)  State of the art Windows Based Restaurant Management Software. The Best Table Service or Quick Service Solution on the market today.

crs-nec-logo.gif (3516 bytes) NEC 4000
A powerful Restaurant Solution Not Quite a PC based system but a Giant Step above the standard Cash Register. A Upgraded step from the CRS 3000
Samsung.gif (4578 bytes)Samsung            
The most Economicaly priced Cash Register on the market today. Many Models to Chose from. Small Mom & Pop To Medium Range Scanning or Simple Menu Management.
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Datasym has always had a reputation for Quality and Reliability. Check out the models available now.
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Easy to use POS software anyone can learn. It's so simple you will think its not doing anything until you have used it for a little while and find out what all it has tracked and stored just for you. Get a working demo from CAP Automation web site


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        Affordable Scanning & Inventory Control


    Scales for Market, Check out, and Portion Scales for all your Scale needs




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